In the summer of 2016, the HKU Theater in Utrecht gave place for a group exhibition titled ‘How it looks like now’. My exhibited works included a video work and a pile of hand-made objects arranged in a small six-tangle space constructed for the event. The six-tangle shaped room also had its own video projection: featuring me as I set the items, and find the place of every drawing on the shelves.

Both the video and the installation revolve around the theme of death. They are trying to answer the question of how we represent our loved ones who passed away in our homes. Why do we label a particular object more meaningful than others? How do we arrange a small sanctuary dedicated to a person who is no longer present physically in the space?


(The full 15-minutes-long video is available upon request. Please contact me for the link.)

This 15 minutes long video was born in collaboration with Klaudia Gardenö and Kinga Kondor. It contains video interviews with three people and displays texts written by them. The video is mute, the voice is born in the mind of the spectator. It was originally presented in a theater space behind the seats, projected on the wall with a crack in the middle. 

This installation is a collection of objects in a six-tangle space accompanied with sound and video. The objects are the bookcase with the drawings, some of the Boxes, a painting – being the exact copy of an oil painting that has been hanging on the wall of my family’s living room for ages, a note, a plant, two shelves and one table.

This bookcase is made by paper copying the one which stands in my family`s living room. The making of the bookcase (instead of purchasing an identical one in IKEA) was necessary for the process itself. The pictures are copies of photographs of people who passed away or of photographs which were transported to our home after the owner of the photo died. The child-like drawing refers to the way how these photos accompanied my whole childhood. As the people on the pictures are represented on the shelves, here the shelves itself become a representation of the original object.


A Topor

Study room

Grow up and stop blaming mother



These seven boxes are miniature representations of different existent places. These places are all connected to the subject of death – as were all of my presented works in this exhibition – in different levels. Some carry the absence of somebody, some display objects to represent somebody who passed away long time ago, in one a conversation happened regarding that subject. All of them are made by paper, the sizes of the boxes are almost the same to emphasize their connection (not bigger than 30 cm).